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Jewish Penicillin

The first cold of the season has finally infiltrated our home, and it came not from the kiddos but from the grandfather after he was exposed on a job recently. So, kudos to the Elderberry Syrup defense. Bad news is, L LOVES her grandfather, and they got some cuddles in before he was totally symptomatic… Continue reading Jewish Penicillin

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Cold Tea – Recipe

There's so many things that are annoying, but nothing is worse than a persistent cold. Generally speaking, cold tea recipes tend to be the same across the board with some tweaking here and there. It's pretty simple: Equal parts (by weight) of Yarrow flower, Elderberry, and Spearmint. This is from my new order at the… Continue reading Cold Tea – Recipe

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Wildcrafting Guidelines

I found this from tumblr, who found it from an article. These are the same things I've been taught since a girl, and it's very important to keep in mind, especially if you are new to the whole ethical sourcing/self sourcing/wildcrafting world. I'll work on finding the direct author to attribute, although it might be… Continue reading Wildcrafting Guidelines

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The Names of Things

On our trip to Asheville, we stopped into a few different metaphysical stores. The town is lousy with them, but it was lovely because it seemed that each store had a different focus on what they did, which made every stop a unique experience. One of the stores we stopped at because it was recommended… Continue reading The Names of Things


No-Buy July – 15 Days In

In which I document this first two weeks of No-Buy. I won't go day-by-day as most of it's been pretty good. There's been a couple of bumps, though. I'd love to come in here and write about how everything I did was perfect, and I was able to mindfully consider each purchase, the ramifications, etc… Continue reading No-Buy July – 15 Days In